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Eating Rain

Eating Rain [RAIN]


One day, the Jade Emperor needed help preparing the elixir of life. He came down to Earth disguised as a beggar and went to search for a worthy animal. He cried for help and food and eventually three animals came; monkey, fox, and rabbit.
They were sympathetic to the old mans plea and went into the forest to search for food. The monkey returned with fruit and the fox with fish.
When the rabbit returned and saw the beggar sat next to a fire, the rabbit realised that he can sacrifice himself, and threw himself into the fire in an act of selflessness.
The beggar turned back into the Emperor and stopped the rabbit. Having seen his selflessness, he carried him up to the moon.
The rabbit worked hard and mastered the skills to create the elixir. The Jade Emperor was so delighted with the rabbit that he made his fur a dazzling white. The heavenly glow from the fur was so bright, that it looked like precious jade, giving him the name, Jade Rabbit.

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