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The Devilz Rejects [TDR]


We are a highly active GLOBAL clan with members that span the entire planet. Our member base is broad yet highly supportive of each other. We occasionally misbehave (but who doesn't).
Our goal is face countless Destiny 2 grinds, gambits, bounties, banners, crucibles, strikes and raids TOGETHER. To learn from each other, form fireteams, make friends, joke around and most importantly.... HAVE FUN!

Official Rules:
1. Clan access is by INVITE ONLY. (16+ only please. We tend to talk dirty)
2. Once you are considered, you MUST join DISCORD. (Absolutely mandatory.)
3. Get a microphone. (NO excuses, it's a CLAN not a solo queue)
4. Join in on activities at least 2-3 times weekly. (We have daily activities led by CORE RAID, CORE PVP and CORE GAMBIT leaders.)
5. If you get a little salty during an activity, go to a timeout corner. (We've all been there)
6. Willfully disrespect another clanmate or admin on chat or DISCORD and you will be KICKED.

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  • 87 Members

  • Created August 28, 2017

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