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Aces and Jacks of Hearts [JAX]

"Go Pro Through Dedication and Teamwork"

This clan's purpose is to help train up lesser experienced Guardians in hopes that they might eventually be skilled enough to enter the professional PvE/PvP clan Aces and Kings. It is also used as a testing ground for already skilled players to show that they have a professional attitude worthy of the main clan. In other words, this clan is a feeder clan to help Guardians get to the point where they are can represent the Aces and Kings brand. Like Aces and Kings, no cheesing, raging, or poor attitudes towards fellow clan members or other players will be permitted. 18+ clan (exceptions made only for mature gamers, but no younger than 16 years old allowed)

This clan is yet clan within the Aces Kingdom that spans both Xbox, Playstation, and PC. We require the use of an app called BAND to communicate, so be willing to download it for smartphone, tablet, or Mac/PC if you request to join. A code to find our hidden group will be provided once we approve your clan join request.

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  • Created May 29, 2017

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