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Hive Hunterz [HIVE]

"HIVE got something for you!"

Our clan mission is to return light to the system whilst proving we are the sickest Guardians around!
Risen from the ashes of a crumbled clan, a group of Guardians banded together to fight for the light and defend the system from the threats that arose. As their skills and bonds grew they formed the Hive Hunterz, a clan named after the foe that first challenged them and one dedicated to helping others come together and take on the same challenges.

We are a casual clan run from Australia with members and from AU/NZ/UK/US.
All are welcome so please play nice and be respectful. Maturer acting players preferred.
We are bound by strong community values: Respect, inclusion and acceptance of any Guardian regardless of background or beliefs.

Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz Clan:
Hive Hunterz Red Legion Clan:

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  • 100 Members

  • Created May 06, 2015

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