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Admiral Ackbars Elite [TRAP]

"These are the Guardians you're looking for."

Since the days of Bulls-eyeing Womprats in our T-16s, finding the tri-force, and Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start, we've been on the scene fighting for good (and for loot).

Most of us have been playing Destiny since it launched in 2014, some as early as the Destiny 1 Beta. We're hardcore casuals on Xbox with a no-rush mentality. We have a stronger focus on PVE and we enjoy a few matches of Gambit to usually close out our nights.

We're adults with families and jobs, but we put in a ton of time when we can. Overall, we just love hanging out and doing the 'smaller' end-game activities together. (e.g. Ascendant Challenges, higher Blind Well tiers, Escalation Protocol, the Shattered Throne, etc.)

Our likes: fun, witty banter; getting sidetracked by Gambit and bounty chasing; Failsafe; general pop culture nerdiness; patience and helpful conversations.

Our dislikes: needless F bombs (but sometimes they happen); jerk stores.

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  • Created February 26, 2015

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