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DigitalFrag [DFrg]

"If it bleeds we can kill it"

This clan first originated with the intent to be just a clan for friends, however with the departure of some and the inactivity of others we have decided to expand and try and appreciate what others can bring to the team.
Now we are not looking for skilled players who can have a flawless run every week or someone who never dies in PVE, but instead, we are looking for people who we can do content with and still have a good time while doing so because if you have a laugh it makes the game much more enjoyable. When it comes to content we are looking at essentially everything that can be done within destiny, and whatever might appear next. Overall everyone within Digital Frag is quite easy going and quite friendly so we welcome anyone who wants to join, all that is asked is for you to not be an asshole towards anyone in the clan as we found out with previous members it creates a very hostile environment for example in group chat when everyone else is just trying to enjoy the game.

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  • Created February 07, 2015

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