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Amongst the Stars [STAR]

"Though a million miles away, the Sun touches our very skin"

As we all know, Destiny is a game played far better amongst a group, Having run into difficulties finding an Available/Intriguing clan to join and game with, I decided to create Amongst The Stars, for those either Clan-less, or group-less, those who want to play with friends but come to find their friends without Destiny, Those who tried and failed to be received into a clan. To all of you, Welcome, feel free to find your place Amongst The Stars.

This is a Group and Clan for those who wish to join, I do not hold any In-game requirements for entry, all are welcome, the more the merrier. My only requests are that we keep things, simple, civil, enlightened, and enjoyable for everyone. Though we enter and end this life alone, by no means should we spend our time time in between alone. We are all sons and daughters of blazing suns, and this is a war that needs to be won. Let us forge an alliance for the benefit of all, right here, right now, as we exist Amongst The Stars.

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  • Created September 17, 2014

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