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"Control Your Destiny"

We're an organized group of friends helping one another advance while having a great time. If this sounds like you, join us as we *trample everything on our quest for fun!

During SEASON OF THE RISEN, our clan features and events include:

- Fireteams for Trials of Osiris

- Weekly Raids: GoS, VoG, VoD and DSC

- Dungeons: Prophecy and Grasp of Avarice

- Legendary Dares of Eternity (Light Level 1550 requirement)

- Qualification for Title: Conqueror (Light Level 1600 requirement)

- Websites: and

- Discord Invitation Code: gnuxdMnP (check admin or site for link)

* (restrictions may apply where prohibited)

  • Open Membership

  • 81 Members

  • Created September 17, 2014

Season Progression

Clans unlock characters perks and rewards by leveling up their clan. The more active the clan, the higher the clan level.

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