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Raging Monkeys Gaming [RM]

"The troops are always behind you; you are never alone! (Not with this monkey on your back, anyway.)"

Hello there, Guardian! We're Raging Monkeys Gaming. We enjoy long walks in the Underbelly, caressing auto rifles, and basking in the warm glow of an exotic raid ghost or two. ;)

Seriously, though. We're an eclectic troop of gamers with a love of puns and filthy minds who prefer to have fun while we pew pew and hang around on our Discord server. 16+ only! Check us out on Discord:

This is our North/South American clan. If you're looking for bffs in European timezones, then we recommend our other clan called Raging Monkeys Gaming II. (We're an international community, after all!)

We are *NOT* currently accepting non-Discord community members at this time. To join, please join our Discord server first. Members with 2+ months of inactivity may be purged occasionally at the discretion of an Admin. If this happens to you, then feel free to re-join when you're active again!

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  • Created January 28, 2017

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