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"We'll Forever Be ill"

Most see Destiny 2 as a business, doing carries or account recoveries. We see it as a stomping ground for Xbox's most trash players. Yes that includes your favorite streamer that can barely get a kill while jumping with stopmies, throwing an arc bolt, and shrieking in fear when he finds out I'm already halfway inside him whispering It's ok little scrub, just take it like the skill less bad kid you truly are. Your only hope for victory is booting us off. Please do, I'll be recording every moment and YouTube is only a click away. Before you get on your high horse and screech OMG they're so toxic no, it's absolutely not. Toxic is claiming you're the best and you will do everything in your power not prove it in customs. Cheating is the new norm in this game and it's pathetic. Getting signed with twitch when you're a cheater is garbage. Don't expect any of us to back out for your Trials Card, If you're playing then you better be ready to win, or in your case boot.

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  • Created September 06, 2014

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