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Eating Tasty Animals [PETA]

"People Eating Tasty Animals - don't ask what it is, just eat it!"

We have changed names over time but most members remain the same.

We are a fun and enthusiastic group that enjoys everything Destiny has to offer. Sometimes we take a break from the world of Destiny but come but always comeback, hungry for more.

We came to have fun and pretend to know what we are doing, so don't take offence if we end up on the same side. If you don't know anyone in this group that's fine, we are up for making new friends. Most of us have played together since the beginning. We may not be the most experienced players in the world of Destiny but we gladly accept assistance with gratitude and help all who ask.

We are glad to have you on our team. Thanks for stopping by.

We are excepting new members from all platforms.

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  • Created August 02, 2014

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