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Scoville Unit [TSU]

"Bring on the HEAT!"

Welcome to the Scoville Unit! We are a group of adults who love to roam around virtual worlds, exploring and blowing things up. We are competitive, but aren't jerks about it; in other words, if you can't make a head shot to save your life, nobody will give you a hard time about it, but if you are an avenging angel on the PvP field, nobody will make a big deal about it, either. If you die in a spectacularly amusing fashion, however - particularly if you record a clip of it for the rest of us to watch - you just might become a clan legend. We have jobs, kids, and mortgages, but we still fit in time to virtually destroy each other whenever we can. We are the kind of people who go to dive bars that have spicy food challenges and then gleefully watch each other suffer. If this sort of thing makes sense to you, then maybe the Scoville Unit is your kind of clan!

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  • Created July 31, 2014

Season 1

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