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Lux Viatores [LUX]

" Friendship, community, and sweet loot! "

LUX is a part of LUX VIATORES, a PS4 community.
[If you apply or need help, please message WLinden on Bungie net]

Lux Viatores was created with two main purposes: Create friendships through gaming, and have fun. From Day 1, we've always said that FUN needs to be the focus. We're a relaxed group of guardians that play multiple games and really just want to have fun. Play when you can, chat when you can.

We don't have a lot of requirements to join:
+ Be active in the BAND chats (Where we do all our communicating)
+ Be mature (Rather than asking for adults only, we give everyone a chance to show that they can act appropriately)
+ Be helpful when you can (Help when you can, and if you ask for help, return the favor.)

Everyone's voice matters, and everyone should be given a chance to show how unique and fun they can be. Come join us, you may just find your new Destiny home.

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  • 96 Members

  • Created June 05, 2016

Season 1

Clans unlock characters perks and rewards by leveling up their clan. The more active the clan, the higher the clan level.

Clan Level


100000 Clan Contribution this Week

Oathkeeper's Score

In Guided Games, finishing activities and playing according to the Guardian Oath lead to better scores.

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