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Chubby Bunny Squad [CHUB]

"Gear up, Bounty up, Team up, ....get Weaseled"

If you're not mildly aroused while playing Destiny, you're not doing it right ;) We are a relaxed group of gamers that meet up Daily to farm, run raids, play crucible, etc. We're usually pretty casual, but don't mind turning up the heat for Trials or Iron banner.

When it comes to newcomers we are always down to help out if you are willing to put the effort in. We know everyone has to start somewhere so that doesn't stop us from helping each other level up or improving their game. We always challenge each other and that helps us better our game and improves our communication.

Most members are usually online around 10pm -2AM EST


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  • 54 Members

  • Created December 14, 2015

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