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Sundowners [SDS]

"Stay Up. Play More."

Our mission is to make sure every clan member is improving as a player, laughing, and making friends.

However, we are moms and dads first and foremost.

We are a coast-to-coast PS4 Destiny clan with a good mix of new and experienced players. Everything we do is built on around our core values of respect, patience, helpfulness, growth and fun.

We are a people-focused clan happy to help with whatever aspect of your game that needs attention - raids, strikes, crucible, Trials, Iron Banner… you get the idea.

While we take Destiny seriously while online, there will never be any harassment or frustration for members taking a break or dropping unexpectedly to make a bottle, kiss their mini-guardians goodnight, or help their partner with the yard, housework, etc. Family and life will always trump the game.

FOUNDED 10/15/2015 by Jeebs_11 and Newfie48

  • Invite Only

    This clan is invite only.
  • 75 Members

  • Created October 15, 2015

Season Progression

Clans unlock characters perks and rewards by leveling up their clan. The more active the clan, the higher the clan level.

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  • Nightfall Strikes

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