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Omega [Ω]


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!

Sit back, relax, kick off your shoes and open your eyes. I am going to enlighten you on a certain tale and how this changed the face of Omega. Forever.

It was a cold Sunday morning in December, Skirmish was just being loaded up and it was the first game of the day.. ended up matching 3 false Gods right off the bat and with that being the case, they took a quick 3k-1k lead. With that being the case, my two teammates leaving, making a mockery of what the Crucible is, I suddenly saw a flash of light. That flash of light was no false God like these 3 on the other team, but an ACTUAL God and that God was the one and only..

Seeing those words, Cakbuck has joined.. I have never felt better about a blueberry joining, something felt off about this one, something great. Long story, short, soon after our Savior joined, our team won 3.5k-5k. Omega was saved and the world of Destiny was aligned. Praise be, Cakbuck.

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  • Created August 24, 2017

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