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Alliance: Legends Of Serenity

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Firefly [Fifl]

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    This is Firefly, an exploratory group of Guardians whom scour the galaxy for the rarest of treasures. Everyone is able to become a Firefly member, but only few can call themselves Treasure Hunters. For us this is more of a community type guild. Others are just in it to play the game. For my Guild I want it to be a social experience, one that lets people have fun even after they have beaten the game. We are going to skim the game getting the best gear we can, be the best treasure hunters the game will have. Soon I will get up a Destiny map and label out where the best gear can be found. For the new people so they know where to look first. Then we will have fun weekly contests when the beta is out. Like kill counts and best kill story and such. Its just meant to get people closer, most fps games you will only meet people as they come and go. Here you will be able to befriend people, get a close bond with them.

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3/7/2014 5:16:21 PM
Yep, I am going to just run around F@&$%*# shit up!!! Turtles, Potatoes, Peguins!!!! Anything that gets in my way!!!! Except friends...lulz
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