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The Legends of Destiny [LoD]

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Billtacular III

Billtacular III

3/5/2014 3:19:45 AM
As we all know, Bungie are the masters of vehicular combat, and one thing they have played around with in all of their games is the inclusion of flying vehicles. With what we know of the epic scale of the maps, do you think it is possible that we will unlock personal flying aircraft as a means of traversing the worlds of Destiny? So far, we know we get a personal land vehicle known as a Shrike, but Bungie also comments on something called a Hawk in the mail sack. Both of these are names of birds, but the Hawk is one of the top-dogs in the aviary world. Even if this Hawk is not a flying craft, but rather a weaponized land vehicle, do you still hope to be able to fly? Leave your thoughts.

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