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4/7/2014 5:37:06 AM

What Bungie Does Best..

Greetings Guardian. This is neither a speculation thread, nor is it a troll. These are simply the words of a long-standing Bungie fan, attempting to fill the space before the beta comes. The point of this thread is unclear, even to me. I just felt like writing. We all know of Bungie (hell, look at the URL of this website.) We know them for the amazing games they create. We know them for the interaction with the community. We know them for their silly, and sometimes daring antics (I mean come on.. what other developer gets the cops called on them for walking around outside with weapons from their games?) We know them for quality. But there is something that a lot of us often tend to over-look: They know how to build a community. That is right. Sure, Bungie has developed one of the most influential games of our time, and aims to destroy industry standards yet again, but to be a part of the Seventh Column goes way past the discs that we put into our consoles. They bring people together. Let me tell you a story; a tale from the chapters of my own life: I started playing Halo in 2001 like a lot of you did. My first reaction when my friend mentioned it to me was "Halo? This game sounds gay." (Mind the terminology. That is an exact quote from my 12 year old self.) Little did I know that Halo would become my all time favorite franchise over the next decade. Fast forward to high school. I was awkward. I got bullied. I didn't fit in. By chance, I found some really awesome people who just so happened to like Halo. Halo was our bond. One of these friends gifted me his old 360, and with it I was able to finally play Halo 3. This game, by far created some of the most amazing memories for me. Every single day, laughing, screaming, and joking with my group. It was amazing. We all went on to play Halo Reach together. Day in, and day out. Our relationships all grew outside of the game as well. three out of the four of our Halo team were best friends. But growing up changed that. When I was 23, the guy who originally gifted me his 360 became a recluse. For whatever reason, he stopped talking to the rest of us. From this point on, my involvement in the Halo universe began to spiral downward. Shortly after Halo 4 came out, the other of my best friends gave up on the franchise, and gaming for the most part. We still hung out, doing things like partying and bicycling, but it wasn't the same. We could never just sit down to play video games. Near the end of 2013, me and this guy had a falling out. I moved across the country to be with an amazing girl, and he proclaimed his hatred for me. My gaming group was gone. Any attempt to salvage it had been denied. Friend 1 still doesn't talk to us, and friend 2 is more interested in his Dirt Biking "career." So what is the point of this story? Well It is to show that at the age of 24, I am right back where I started. The odd one out, in a new area, with no close friends. I don't have a group anymore, and my passion for gaming has been dwindling ever since. The wait for Destiny has been agonizing. Not so much because I want to play the game, but more so because I cannot wait to be a part of another of Bungie's creations. I hope that something similar that happened in high school happens again, and Destiny brings me to a place that is better than this one. Since starting [url=]The Legends of Destiny[/url]I've had a chance to meet and talk to some really cool people. It's not the same as having that close group of friends; however. My only wish is that through the game of Destiny, and through the group I've started, I will be able to make new friendships and bonds. I have no doubts. Bungie changed my life once, and I'm sure it will be done again. Sorry for the TL;DR. Sorry if this thread is meaningless to you. Sorry if you feel as though your time has been wasted.

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