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The Legends of Destiny [LoD]

"We Are Legends"

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Be Brave, Guardian. Everyone has a story to tell. Let us make yours a Legend!


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Billtacular III

Billtacular III

Edited: 3/11/2014 4:14:37 AM
Our group page can be found [url=]here[/url]. Our Facebooke page can be found [url=]here[/url]. [b][u]-Our Mission-[/u][/b] [quote]The Legends of Destiny community is all about helping you become a Legend. We are dedicated to sharing your Destiny tales and creations with the world, and providing you with a place to connect with other guardians. Our content is fueled by the members of our community.[/quote] [b][u]-What We Want to See-[/u][/b] [quote][b]Your tales:[/b] We want to hear the who, what, when, where, and why of your adventures. Did you fly off to the Moon and take on an entire army of Hive by your lonesome? Did you conquer the complex Vex citadels and walk away with some sweet legendary exotic gear? Did you meet some new friends along the way? We want to hear your story. Be as descriptive as you would like, and we will share that story with every guardian in the city. [b]Your Triumphs:[/b] Are you big into competitive multiplayer? Tell us about your best games. Share with us your strategies that make you a Legend. We want the galaxy to know of your power! [b]Your Artwork:[/b] Do you have an artistic side? Show us what you are made of. We love artwork here at Legends of Destiny, and would be proud to show what you have created with everyone. [b]Your Videos: [/b]Do you love spending time making montages or machinima style videos? Do you like to make Let’s Plays and walkthroughs/ tutorials? Live action reenactments? We would love to share these with everyone! Let us help promote your YouTube channel by sharing them with our community. [b]Your Cosplay: [/b]One of the coolest forms of artwork that has ever come out of the Bungie universe are the cosplay costumes that people just like you have created. Do you have some real life gear from the game that you want the world to see? Did you spend hours on end perfecting your guardians get-up to wear in real life? Do you make props of weapons? Let us see them! Not artistic? Not a problem! We accept members who are just interested in playing the game and making friends! [/quote] [i][b]"Keep in touch. Let us know if your following creates cool stuff."[/b][/i] – DeeJ, in an email to me about Legends of Destiny. He's on board, and wants to see what you have. What are you waiting for? [quote][i]In Destiny, every Guardian of the last safe city on Earth has a story. They have tales of battles on distant planets. They have stories of friendship and the destruction of evil. They have found legendary weapons, secret areas, and Easter eggs that they want to share with the world! As a new community we are still in our early stages of growth. With a little help from Guardians like you, we can reach our long term goals. Remember, Legends of Destiny is 100% reliant on fan created content. In order to fulfill our mission, we need as many people to join and share with us as possible. With the beta on the horizon, now is the perfect time to become a part of this ever growing community.[/i] [url=][b][u]Join today![/u][/b][/url] [/quote]

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