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The Legends of Destiny [LoD]

"We Are Legends"

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Be Brave, Guardian. Everyone has a story to tell. Let us make yours a Legend!


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Billtacular III

Billtacular III

Edited: 3/4/2014 11:10:36 PM
So I've been thinking recently about the upcoming Destiny Beta, and specifically what we might get to see, and what would be left out. When it came to the Halo 3, and Halo Reach Betas we got treated to just a small glimpse of the game before the actual release date. Destiny will be no different. So what exactly can we expect to see when the Beta drops? Well, the City and the Tower are a given. Old Russia is a given. The farthest I believe that we will see is the Moon. [url=]This video, showcasing a Hive Strike on the Moon[/url] wasn't just released for any old reason. I believe that it was a hint of the first bit of content that we will see. It makes sense since the Moon is our closest cosmic body, and I'm sure they want to give us a small taste of space travel. I believe that the Hive Ogre named Phogoth at the end of Hellmouth might even be the final boss in the Beta. So what do you hope the Beta includes? Be realistic.

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