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The Legends of Destiny [LoD]

"We Are Legends"

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Edited by Billtacular III: 3/11/2014 3:22:57 AM
Greetings Guardians! This message goes out to all members and non-members alike. If you are wondering what you can do to make The Legends of Destiny a better group, keep reading. Our group is currently seeking passionate, like-minded people to help admin the page. Being an admin would require daily posts and updating both our group and[url=] Facebook fan page[/url]. You would also be in charge of spreading the word of The Legends of Destiny, and recruiting as many Guardians as possible. I already have a few people in mind, but it would really help out quite a bit if you filled out this little form to apply: [quote][u]Legends of Destiny Admin Application[/u] Game Handle: (Gamertag, PSN ID, Alias) Age: Favorite Bungie Game: Any leadership experience: Why you want to be an admin:[/quote] For anyone who does not believe that being an admin is for them, there are still ways that you can help us out! Spread the words to your friends, and post on [url=]this topic[/url] to help keep us relevant in the forums. Likewise, you can create cool things for us to look at or read and we will share them with the community as an example of what we can offer. We appreciate you taking an interest in helping The Legends of Destiny be the best community that it can be!

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