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Forerunners Descent

"We are few, yet we are mighty!"

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    We who bear the title of Forerunner fight with valor and strive for a good game in any competition. We are the Hardcore and the casual committed to play through the entire Destiny experience. Our ambition is to become the best Destiny clan! Our code is to defend any guardians within our sight who are in need.

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7/16/2014 6:12:15 PM
[b]Guys as soon as I enter this B-E-A-UTIFUL WORLD![/b] I'm going to pick Class: [i]TITAN[/i] Gender: [i]Male[/i] Race: [b]AWOKEN[/b] First thing I'm going to do: As soon as I create my stellar legend!. I'm going to blast rounds into the vast wind, and hear my pulse rifle roar. Plus I'm going to go to the tower and dace my merry, happy gilmore guardians behind off in "The Tower". Comment Forerunners your going to do...I'm just trying to build up excitement for the BETA, Some of you I dont have to cause your looking at YouTube videos on " Destiny Gameplay " Like I am doing now. :D -NINJV

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