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Alliance: Forerunners Descent

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Forerunners Descent [FD]

"We are few, yet we are mighty!"

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We who bear the title of Forerunner fight with valor and strive for a good game in any competition. We are the Hardcore and the casual committed to play through the entire Destiny experience. Our ambition is to become the best Destiny clan! Our code is to defend any guardians within our sight who are in need.


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  • #PvP
  • #communication
  • #pve
  • #progression
  • #RaidTeam

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Edited: 7/6/2014 6:58:39 PM
Forerunners we are just a day from Bungie day, renowned by the community as a day of remembrance of epic games and often gifts to seasoned members. For the community this time Bungie day will be a day of revelation for Destiny! The only question is what will be revealed? -Collector’s edition This is something that Urk himself announces in the weekly update Deej was absent, here’s the link: -Location details for the beta This is something I’m just really hoping for. Ign has announced that there will be coverage of the beta on Monday, or Bungie day. You’ll find the awesome video above all the text, it reveals a lot so have fun checking it all out! -An awesome beta briefing trailer by The Speaker! In Destiny the speaker is the guy in white with the mask who gives you the story missions, I thought it would be cool if he made an appearance.

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