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Forerunners Descent

"We are few, yet we are mighty!"

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    We who bear the title of Forerunner fight with valor and strive for a good game in any competition. We are the Hardcore and the casual committed to play through the entire Destiny experience. Our ambition is to become the best Destiny clan! Our code is to defend any guardians within our sight who are in need.

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6/13/2014 4:23:45 AM
Some of may have seen this. Today was the first time seeing this. To tell you the truth I didn't even know there was more game play, specifically...Vlpha-GamePlay ( V stands for A for me, just a fancy way. ) But Me and HELIX was on PlayStation 3 online chatting, We had some technical difficulties, But we managed. Hahah!. But anyways we were talking about Destiny of course, and he mentioned something about Game play on Destiny, I asked " There's Game play on Destiny?" he replied " You didn't know...blah blah blah. " I found the channel he pointed out and I found my mouth so wide you could call me a donut. lol. sorry!. But Yes I'm a late bloomer but I bet our hype has been re-fueled from these videos that these great gentlemen has recorded on YouTube. MoreConsole, DattoDoesDestiny, Guardian Radio, and etc want to give them a big thanks. and thumbs up, and a epic " MUTHA' CHUFFA-A-BOOM" lol. A video above is something We will all come to. And I'm gonna go with " Awoken: some cool hair. Color maybe ( yellow ) or ( Black )...Eh you'll all see my fellow Guardians Up in " The Tower " Where we will meet before our lead is hot and reading to cook some Fallen flesh. Until Next time. NINJV- Your Favorite Ninja.

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