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    We are the ones who face death with glee, who tempt his wrath, and who burn all that would try to destroy our Last City. We are the 117th Regiment!

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Gritty Gent

Gritty Gent

7/30/2014 6:49:58 PM
Hey, all! First off my name is FH Styles. FH stands for "faux hawk" (something I'm known for sporting) but you can call me Styles or Jay. I felt the need to clarify because when I was making my gamer tag I did not think about people that are Directioners who might think I'm saying, "eff Harry Styles!" Anyway, the whole point to this post is, is anyone else having trouble playing any other games? They just don't seem to fill that void Destiny beta created. Especially for someone who has an XB1 like myself with a limited selection of games to choose from. TL;DR hi my name is Styles! Is there a void in your life from Beta?

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