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We are the ones who face death with glee, who tempt his wrath, and who burn all that would try to destroy our Last City. We are the 117th Regiment!


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Undead Kyle3

Undead Kyle3

7/23/2014 12:28:00 AM
Warning: if you are avoiding beta gameplay/info so that everything is new when you first play, please leave this post now. [spoiler] ok, so in the beginning of the beta, you are brought back to life by your ghost while in old russia, and it is stated that you've been dead a while. So here is the food for thought part. Are all guardians russians from the golden age? And if so, should every guardian have a russian accent? Based off the few cutscenes where the guardian talks, there is no Russian accent though. So is it possible you were killed in action defending old russia because you were sent there by a golden age army to defend the area? Remember, this is the beta though, they could always change the intro if they wanted(they probably won't though). [/spoiler] basically, what do you guys think of the words provided in the spoiler box? I'd like to hear other opinions on the subject.

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