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    We are the ones who face death with glee, who tempt his wrath, and who burn all that would try to destroy our Last City. We are the 117th Regiment!

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7/12/2014 10:27:14 PM
Fire Team Dark Sentinels is now recruiting, we are a PS3 fire team and are looking for an active player with a mic and is dedicated to destiny. My psn is AidanTheRed. We need one more player. This will be more or less an elite fireteam, we are dedicated to get the best stuff in the game and dominating the crucible. We are the unknown protectors, we are the ones they send in when they need the job done at any cost. This squad is not for the faint of heart, we often have to do no sane person would deem moral. We are the first into battle and the last ones to leave. We have dedicated our life not just to the city or the military but to our brothers in arms. When you join the squad you leave your old family and join a new. We are the Dark Sentinels and we shall not let this city fall.

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