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A Group for programmers and developers of every area of computing, be it web or client, C# or CSS, this is the place to discuss your projects, problems, ambitions and more. Feel at home in this group, come on in.


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Share your stuff - no better time than the holidays! What are you doing? Are you working on any projects at the moment or have anything in the pipeline? Are you busy at school or uni? Lot's on your plate? All kinds of stuff going on at work? Share it, tell us and let the people know! [b]My Plate:[/b] I am currently working on a game. Its based in the Halo universe and is a mix of RTS/RPG and Strategy. It has 2 parts to it; a web based component for managing your Army, upgrades and interacting with other players and then a Unity3D client/web player which is launched and used for missions which are small RTS moments where a player uses their units to complete goals.. [i]Before you ask it has been cleared with,343i and is legal. [/i] - A Halo RTS RPG Strategy game. . . [url=]UNSC Warfare[/url] [i]Are you making a game, or doing an app? Maybe making a console app or simply learning? No matter what it is, post in the thread, and join the group![/i]

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