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A Group for programmers and developers of every area of computing, be it web or client, C# or CSS, this is the place to discuss your projects, problems, ambitions and more. Feel at home in this group, come on in.


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4/28/2013 12:02:42 AM
Hey guys! I'm finishing up freshmen year in computer science and am starting to pick up speed on a side project that me and a friend are building. It's just a simple game to try to utilize all of the new knowledge i'm picking up, and hopefully learn some more along the way. I hope to keep improving on it for a while, and having it up on a portfolio once it's more complete, along with anything else I put my mind to. So I was wondering what you guys thought about building an online portfolio, just any general tips, and when a good time would be to bring it online, and all of the less good looking details about the whole process, so that I can have a kick-ass portfolio to show people when, in the future, I'm trying to get into a top notch company to write code for. Thanks in advance.

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