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    A Group for programmers and developers of every area of computing, be it web or client, C# or CSS, this is the place to discuss your projects, problems, ambitions and more. Feel at home in this group, come on in.

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Edited by Viltre: 4/12/2013 9:05:16 PM
[url=]Seeing as how the scripts for the old Script Central no longer work,[/url] I figured a new one could be made within this group for scripts/styles/ect. that have been made, or are in the process of development. [u]Userscripts[/u] Coup/BES - [url=]Chrome[/url], [url=]Firefox[/url], [url=]Opera[/url], [url=]group home.[/url] (Coup section still in development) New Hawtness - [url=]In development.[/url] Custom Avatars - [url=]Download[/url], [url=]thread for adding avatars.[/url] [u]Userstyles[/u] [url=]Bnet Dark[/url] - [url=]Thread.[/url] [url=]DarkBnext v2[/url] - same thread as above. [url=]Bnext Titles[/url] - [url=]Thread.[/url] These are all the scripts and styles that currently work with site that I know of. I figure this would be a good way to have scripts and styles be spread around better and allow members to find them easier within a central thread. Probably should make this public as well.

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