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    Welcome to Owners of the Katana, or OTK! This is a Private Group for those that have achieved recognizable feats in Bungie titles, from unlocking the Halo 3 Katana to having perfect gamerscore in Halo: Reach. If you have a positive attitude and enjoy a friendly, active forum then OTK is right up your alley! Destiny related criteria for joining the group has been established. Earn 'The Life Exotic' Achievement/Trophy: Equip an Exotic Item.

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Edited by burritosenior: 7/9/2014 11:36:11 PM
So OTK has been closed for going on two years now, and I've been promising it'll be open again to the public come Beta time. But something interesting struck me a few minutes ago. See, is going to be big with clans. Obviously, OTK will be a clan and anybody in the group- or that join- are going to be people that want to revel in their accomplishments, since every one of the 3300 people accepted into this group have achieved one of the tasks set before them as criteria to be allowed in. And over 200 of you fellow Bnet members are in the member queue just waiting for me to hit 'accept.' And I'm proud that you want to be a part of this epic community. But people are going to get tied to public groups due to this clan feature. So say the clan feature is introduced earlier than the Beta- like tomorrow (and it is very likely it will be tomorrow). What do you all think of me opening up the group at THAT point, so we can begin forming up our groups even before the Beta? The reason this thread is open to the public is because I'm curious... those of you not yet accepted into the group, would you rather its doors be opened now? I don't oppose the idea, after all. It might be good for the community to start forming fireteams and clans before the Beta comes out, without having to resort to the crowded mess that is the #Destiny Forum. So to all interested... discuss!

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