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Welcome to Owners of the Katana, or OTK! This is a Private Group for those that have achieved recognizable feats in Bungie titles, from unlocking the Halo 3 Katana to having perfect gamerscore in Halo: Reach. If you have a positive attitude and enjoy a friendly, active forum then OTK is right up your alley! Destiny related criteria for joining the group has been established. Earn 'The Life Exotic' Achievement/Trophy: Equip an Exotic Item.


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Edited: 7/16/2014 10:06:43 PM OTK, a private group going on se7en years now, has had its doors closed for a very long time. Back in January, I posted [url=]this thread[/url]. At which point many of you queued up to join, for which I am grateful. This new thread serves just to state the next step. The doors will be opening soon, and all of you that have chosen to be part of an old part of Bnet will have that chance. What will the criteria be to join for Destiny? Well, we are still debating that. But to any of you that meet our criteria for the Halo series... in a few weeks, we will begin welcoming you with open arms. To become part of a group that shows you have achieved something more than the ability to click a 'join' button. To talk with gamers that strive to make the most of their gaming experience. And of course, to play video games with a large variety of like-minded individuals. These are the reasons to be part of this community. With the Destiny Beta, the time draws near. Back in Halo 3's era, I went around the forums helping people with the campaign on Legendary. I met great new faces that way. And here I am incredibly excited to meet more of you in the OTK forum and in Destiny itself when we inevitably play together. To be honest, with the growing community I find it hard to find people I want to play with. This group also serves to narrow down the people- because I hope to play with everybody here. And again- that day of play comes soon. Be ready, and See You Starside.

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