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Welcome to Owners of the Katana, or OTK! This is a Private Group for those that have achieved recognizable feats in Bungie titles, from unlocking the Halo 3 Katana to having perfect gamerscore in Halo: Reach. If you have a positive attitude and enjoy a friendly, active forum then OTK is right up your alley! Destiny related criteria for joining the group has been established. Earn 'The Life Exotic' Achievement/Trophy: Equip an Exotic Item.


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Nex Pretorum

Nex Pretorum

10/30/2013 12:23:57 PM
So even though im an IT specialist have worked in multiple environments - I am still stumped by this new OTK - anyone care to explain it to me?? like where is everything? side bar- main page - page 2, through infinity? new post? ect.
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