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    Welcome to Owners of the Katana, or OTK! This is a Private Group for those that have achieved recognizable feats in Bungie titles, from unlocking the Halo 3 Katana to having perfect gamerscore in Halo: Reach. If you have a positive attitude and enjoy a friendly, active forum then OTK is right up your alley! Destiny related criteria for joining the group has been established. Reach a Light Level of at last 305.

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1/13/2013 1:49:12 AM
So my private group OTK and I were having a discussion about the future with Bungie's next title, Destiny. In Halo 3, we had the Katana to unlock. In ODST there was really nothing grand save achievements, and in Reach we had the Haunted Helmet. These were both in-game collectable items a player could earn. We really know nothing about Destiny. But that doesn't mean we can't voice our opinions on that topic. We know it's some sort of shooter and, since it'll be on the Xbox and likely playstation, it'll have achievements/trophies. What would you guys think appropriate, if anything, for in-game unlockables? Say it's an MMO-esque game. Would you guys approve if Bungie went World of Warcraft or Halo 3 style- if you earn a special achievement you can get some sort of title or non-gameplay-affecting-trinket? Or do you guys think the future should hold to giving player meaningful things outside of the Team Fortress 2 'Hat' type items? Give players boosts for doing certain tasks, like in Borderlands where players get badass points that give them permanent powerups, albeit in small increments? What sort of items or unlockables, if any, would make you want to get achievements and the likes that much more? Because let's be honest, we all love the bleep bloop, but a little something extra never hurts!

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