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"Guardians Of The Last City"

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We are the brothers and sisters of the Shaolin. We define ourselves by the two deaths; The first death is the age of light we knew. The second death is our own. Our origins stem from the sacred three; Brave Castor, the strength of the light. Wise Baruch, the will of the light. Clever Numa, wife of Castor and endurance of the light. By their example and through their teachings we seek enlightenment and the clarity to find our own path. We welcome all who would endure the road of sorrow by our side. We seek the wisdom to understand the price of final victory. And we cultivate the courage to act upon this knowledge when the moment calls us to our fate. As Baruch, we sacrifice for the safety of the city. As Castor, we give our flesh for all we cherish. As Numa, we carry the memory of all who have rejoined the light. In this spirit, we take the name of the place our founders were reborn by the will of the Traveler; The forest at the foot of the Shaoshi Mountain--Shaolin.


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8/22/2014 8:30:16 PM
On the topic of having a prime fireteam, I will be seeking the Elite players of Destiny for mine. My fireteam will be thee first to crack the Vault of glass raid on Mercury which is said to be the biggest challenge Bungie has offered a player yet, clocking in at around 14 hours of finger breaking gameplay, legend has it that bungie handed it over to a group of seasoned gamers back at their HQ they played for ten hours straight only to fail.. I wish to achieve Victory to gain the ultimate loot.

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