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Starbucks Run [SBR]

"Once More Into the Brink Dear Friends!"

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Starbuck's Run is a group of friends that love Destiny, but don't take themselves too seriously. We are open to anyone who is respectful to others. We are an East Coast clan that primarily plays evenings/weekdays on the PS4. If your looking for someone who isn't annoying to play with and has your back, feel free to join. See you starside!


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  • #ps4
  • #PlayForFun
  • #eastcoast
  • #spacedollars

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7/16/2014 4:13:54 PM
So a poster over on Guardian Radio gave out this nugget. Looks like you can pre test out your stats based on your class choices. :D [quote]x SiCkTaCuLaR x 7/15/2014 7:37:19 PM The following link takes you to a page where you can select different upgrades for your class of choice to see how it affects your stats. [url][/url] Pretty sweet and informative! Aside from actually playing and testing out all the different abilities to see what I like, I've got a good idea of the path I'd take for all three classes. I didn't see this already posted, but if it has been...sorry[/quote]

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