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A group determined to complete all the game has to offer and to provide help to weaker players. Led by a "beater" the Nexus Brotherhood welcomes you to the adventures that await us, and to claim our (yes this is a pun) destiny. Guild website:


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    6/22/2014 9:22:35 AM Permalink
    I just signed up to the website and put through a request to join. He's a little. It about me. Your PSN ID. Emcolimited A little bit about yourself. I'm a 29 year old male, married with no kids. I'm a carpenter by trade and have been a gamer since I was a kid. I grew up with classic rpgs on the nes, Snes and Sega Genesis. I live in Vancouver Canada and most of my friends haven't gotten a ps4 yet. Games you play regularly. I am currently playing watch dogs and just finished the destiny alpha. I play the Lego games with my wife as I'm trying to get her into gaming. Games I've played and enjoyed to name a few: Ac , Infamous, skyrim, ff14 arr, uncharted, watch dogs, Gta, killzone shadowfall, destiny, boarderlands, far cry, I like all types of games though I mainly play games with higher graphical phidelity. Games coming out this year I'm buying on ps4: Gta5,last of us, farcry4,ac unity, destiny, the crew, alien isolation, among others I'm sure. Days & Hours you game. Sometimes during the week at night and random times over the weekends Platforms Owned Ps4 Give me a shout on PSN if you feel were into the same types of games. I do have a mic. I really excited to since tons of hours into destiny with friends like I did with bl2.
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