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A group determined to complete all the game has to offer and to provide help to weaker players. Led by a "beater" the Nexus Brotherhood welcomes you to the adventures that await us, and to claim our (yes this is a pun) destiny. Guild website:


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6/20/2014 12:59:29 AM
Quick update for those of you in the group. The Nexus Brotherhood guild web page is nearing completion. Although, please give me a bit of leeway because it's still in it's baby stages. I will be constantly updating the website with new content and updates so let me know if u encounter any problems and I'll try to fix them. Also, the company that I used for the site doesn't have Destiny as a chops able option for a game just yet so the website technically won't be up to par until then. I'll be posting the link soon, thanks! -PR

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