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The Marty Army [TMA]

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Im SteelAssassn

Im SteelAssassn

7/16/2014 10:06:28 AM
It appears we have a few new tools on the site and in our group now. From what I can tell, this group [i]IS[/i] a clan. We have a tab on the right that lists our alliances, which is something I wasn't expecting (though sounds good too!). To those that have access to the beta already, what hints towards clans are you seeing? Whether anyone has any information or not, I'd like to hear what you think so far about the update. Have any thoughts about the group wall? Should it stay open to all, or only available to the admins? With 3000+ people, I'm thinking of changing it away from public access if we decide to leave it as our default page when going to our group. Any other thoughts?

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