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Zero Sum Axis [ZxS]

"You are at the crossroads of being left with nothing, as to challenge us is a zero sum event..."

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We are comprised of a small group of regular people from around the globe looking to have fun gaming together on PS4 because if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. Initially just a place to find a PUG, ZxS began to evolve into a full-fledged clan when approached to become a part of the Shadow Ravens alliance. We are here to do our part to leave a long lasting, positive mark in the gaming community through adventurous PvE and competitive PvP. Wanting to stay a close knit group, we do not allow "multi-clanning"and will not accept membership here until you have registered and been approved at our website, [url][/url]. Register with your PSNID and apply for membership for consideration.


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  • #ps4
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