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    Divided we Fall. United we Stand. ______________________ Nar - meaning excellent Whal - meaning utmost nobility The narwhal is the epitome of class and beauty. Legend says that the Unicorns forgot about the imminent Flood, so they were forced to use what remained of their mysterious, ethereal power to give themselves the shapes of fish. Being mammals, they retained the use of their lungs, and a small spark of Space Magic still hides deep within their luminous horns, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. We, the Guardians of the Last City, will work together, like a narwhal pod, spearing our enemies with Light in order to protect the planet we call home from the onset of the servants Darkness. Welcome to The Pod. _______________________ This group is in support of flying Narwhals. If you are looking for a more serious group, consider joining the Ethereal Knights.

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