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Parabellum [Para]

"If you want peace.."

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As fans of science fiction we have been waiting for a game to come along that lets us completely immerse ourselves into a universe that is vast, that is explorative, and that lets us come and go as we please. We at Parabellum believe that Destiny can be that universe. We come for the story, unapologetically. We are a clan that cares about what Bungie has in store for those who love science fiction. The story of Destiny will be researched, dissected, decoded and thoroughly discussed. The ~Parabellum~ homepage will be open for all blogs and our forums will be our hub for all conversations that take place away form the game. If you're reading this and do not care about the fiction of the Destiny universe then you may have already come to realize this clan is not for you. For those who want to have deep discussions about all things Destiny then we welcome you to have a seat at our table.


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  • #honor
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  • #sportsmanship

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