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Alliance: Seventh Column

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Seventh Column [BNET]

"Welcome to Bungie's fan club and underground army!"

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    Before the Seventh Column, there was Bungie. Bungie spoke of World Domination. Those who saw the wisdom of the Bungie Way agreed that this was a good thing and waited patiently. Bungie's schedule is vague though. World Domination and the consequent benefits for right-thinking people around the world is only promised "Soon™." For many of us, however, soon has not come soon enough. Thus, the Seventh Column was born, to help Bungie pave the way. As Seventh Columnists spread across the globe, we will strengthen our resolve and provide new avenues for our intelligence, dedication, and creativity. On that fateful day when Bungie tears down the walls of mediocrity and iniquity that surround us all, the Seventh Column will help Bungie pull back the enormous elastic band on the giant slingshot that fires our enemies into the sun. We will then attend the glorious after party to ring in the new Bungie order with pizza and multiplayer gaming. Help us make Soon™ happen sooner.

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