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Alliance: DiscipleOfWar

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    Arr, Ye old land lovers have no sense of Adventure no more. Lost all ye soul to cold dirt that buries the dead. Far too long have I been away from the sea. The sting of salt in me only good eye, and the rot that will take me only bad leg. But, listen, I am procuring a crew, I have a ship, for Adventure awaits us all over the horizon, as the sun sinks into the sea, we will face death and dangers that will have ye wishin' was still teetin' ye mum! Come now, no awaitin as time waits for no one! Set sail lads! Embrace Deaths cold merciless hands, fer no not one enemy of mine or yours shall take what is ours, and ours is the sea!! (Admins words: Welcomed to all, all who act a fool will walk the plank! Or traded to land lovers to be hanged at the Gallows! Now where is me RUM?! Also, this clan is not strict to Destniy, I will have Titanfall, COD, BF4, and pretty much every other game that comes out. Help Build this community!)

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