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    This is a group for the Vampires of We are Gamers who have a darker, more cynical and sarcastic view of life. The thing that brings us together is our love of great games, the dark things in life, and great Role Playing (RP). We are united in our love of great RPG's, FPS's, and RP a character as much as possible in of our gaming lives. By no means do we have any issues with separating our RP from Real Life, but the fun involved in the RP is what drives us.<br />We are a "Clan" of Gamers, but even Lone Wolves are welcome within the Lasombra. Vampires are, after all, solitary as well as pack predators. I founded the Lasombra due to my love of the hit table-top role playing game "Vampire: the Masquerade", and the great RP that it brought to many for years. The Lasombra is a place where Gamers of like mind and love of strong RP can gather, game together, and tear through Destiny's Darkness together.<br />Join us in the Lasombra!

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