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Alliance: Infinite Power

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The Keepers of Light [KPER]

"The Sun is Rising."

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    The Keepers of the Light is a clan of serious destiny players primarily on XBOX 360. Our goal is to build a close knit community of brothers and sisters to support and play with. The emphasis in the Keepers is on teamwork and communication in PvE and PvP scenarios. Keeper representation in the crucible will be competitive, and teams will be expected to work together to strike awe and respect into their opponents. We hope to make a name for ourselves in the first few months of Destiny, and will be very active in all modes of play. You can expect theory-crafting, coordinated raiding, and well developed competitive play in this clan alongside a mature, fun and skillful group of players. "For centuries we have fought to keep the light alive, and now the sun is rising once more. "

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