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Alliance: Light Bringers

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Light Bringers [LB]

"The Beacons In The Darkness - Unveilers Of Relics And Vanquishers Of Evil"

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Light Bringers Are A Unified Fighting Force Risking All To Discover The Universes Secrets - This Alliance was founded to lead you through the darkness in order to gather the best information for defeating bosses, raids, finding weapons or just kicking ass in the Crucible (Multiplier). We have many members who are shooter or MMO experts some of which work in the industry. We are supporting all console formats and adult only. Once you join you will be able to receive in game benefits and associated Achievements/Trophies. If you have any questions message one of our Admins and we look forward to seeing you in game. This is the Alliance Forum Group and our PS4 Clan, "Orchestra of Light" is our Xbox One/Xbox 360 Clan, "Burning Darkness" our PS4/PS3 (overflow) Clan and "Lightning Brands" a primarily Xbox One Clan. The Facebook can be found here:


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