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Young Money Cash Money [YMCM]

"- Y$C$ Clan All Day Est 2007 -"

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    [b] Welcome to the Y$C$ Clan Group Page.We were founded 2007 and started as a Call of Duty clan.Made of veteran skilled FPS players we have dominated and pub stomped for the last 7 years on C.O.D. ---- Now were stepping into the World of Destiny to bring are veteran FPS skills and know how to the World of Destiny. ---- I myself have been gaming for 20+ years.My first FPS experience was Doom PC.I went on to play Quake 3 tourneys GoldenEye 64 tourneys Unreal Tournament,Halo,C.O.D,etc.So if your looking for a clan thats ready to be competitive and have fun while still maintaining a competitive edge or your a veteran FPS gamer come join the Y$C$ Fam. Any questions msg PSN : Jesse_James-574- - Y$C$ All Day - [/b]

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