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Momentum [m3]

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Momentum is currently looking for competitive PVP and PVE guardians to join our ranks. We are looking for people who have the drive and motivation to be successful in PVP and to move into HardMode content when it presents itself. We are a clan founded by competitive COD, CS, and WoW players. Looking to gain a core to be amongst the top clans to come. If you are one of many who are stuck without a fireteam this is the place to be. Tired of being #1 and still losing in Crucible or stuck with people who don't have a clue in PVE? Join Momentum where you will do nothing but win and have no problem downing any content put infront of you. Requirements: Age 18+, or a strong ability to demonstrate maturity. Microphone - Fireteams can't function without communication. PS4 - Clan is exclusive to this platform (until Destiny becomes cross-platform). Competitive attitude - If your not looking to win then don't bother. Website


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